Is Chuck's Complete Tree Service licensed and insured?

    Yes, we are licensed (#1099294) and insured.


    What are the advantages of getting a free landscaping consultation?

    Chuck's Complete Tree Service sends an experienced,professional, and knowledgeable representative to your home to evaluate the landscape and offer you recommendations. In some cases, we tell our clients they do not need their tree trimmed for a year. In some cases, if our clients trim their trees as many other tree services have suggested, their tree will die due to a variety of factors such as season, type of tree, etc.


    Do all landscaping companies offer the same type of consulatation as Chuck's Complete Tree Service?

    No, not all landscaping companies will offer you the one-on-one landscape evaluation and recommendations that Chuck's Complete Tree Service offers. The reason for this is simple and unsettling. Many companies will perform any job for the income, no matter if it is in your best interest. By providing our honest opinion on any job, we earn our customer's trust and maintain their trust with our ongoing customer service efforts.


    Is your landscaping team fully trained?

    Yes, all of our associates are fully trained and professional.


    What are Chuck's Tree Service's specialties?

    Our Specialties include tree management such as trimming trees that exceed 100 feet in height, tree removals including stump grinding, creating custom landscapes, custom patios, and incorporating beautiful boulders into any landscape. We are fully staffed and equipped to handle any job.


    Why do trees need to be trimmed regularly?

    By maintaining your landscape with regular maintenance, you avoid tree overgrowth that may result in a hazardous condition such as storm damage to your property or branches hitting power lines.


    How do I know my trees won't look butchered like my neighbor's trees?

    First and foremost, if you request a company to trim your trees and the company you hire shows up with a chainsaw in hand, ask them why. The only time a chainsaw should be used by a landscaper on your trees is if you request removal of large branches or a tree removal. If the landscaper you hired is not aware of this, we suggest finding a more knowledgeable service provider. Chainsaws are the number one suspect in tree limbs looking bluntly cut. Chuck's Complete Tree Service has a variety of images taken from previous tree trimming jobs to show how using hand equipment such as hand prunners, pole prunners, and loppers to get the job done without the use of a chain saw.


    Do your associates wear spiked shoes to climb trees to trim them?

    No, the only time our associates would wear spiked shoes is during the removal of a large tree that requires branches cut off from the top before removing the entire tree. Wearing spikes while climbing a tree causes cosmetic damage and opens the tree up to insect infestations.


    Will you leave my property littered with debris when the job is complete?

    No, we remove all debris from the job location and take it with us.