Chuck Owen established Chuck's Complete Tree Service over 25 years ago, and remains a family-owned and managed business. Some of the services we offer throughout Southern California are boulder landscapes, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, tree installation, tree relocation, landscape remodel, patio design and installation, walkway design and installation, and rock wall design and installation.


    Chuck's Complete Tree Service is dedicated to achieving the best possible relationship with our customers. Our dedication includes offering fairly-priced services that meet and exceed our customer's expectations. We maintain our dedication by focusing on quality of service and client relationships.


    We are a fully staffed and highly equipped company. Our staff is not only friendly, professional, and reliable, but also very passionate about what we do.



    Our team of professionals offer free consultations and estimates. During the time of consult, upon request, we will evaluate the property for fire, weather, and safety hazards. We also value education highly.


    We also offer emergency services.


    In an ideal world no one would need emergency services from us, unfortunately it is not and while we always follow best practice and promote preventative maintenance/caution, storms can rip through an area and cause drastic damage to your property.


    We will remove fallen trees, branches, and debris from your property and eliminate any hazards to your property or your person. Being proactive is always the best solution, but we will be here to help you no matter the situation. In addition, we can provide our customer with a quote to rebuild any landscaping damage including damaged walls.